Amateur Paul Dunne Leads in The 2015 British Open

Paul DunnePeople can speculate but will never know how the result will turn out. Surprise was spotted in the middle of The 2015 British Open, July 19th 2015. A name that isn’t on the favorite list of the spectators came out leading the golf tournament; but that is what really happened in the 144th British Open at St. Andrews. Amateur golfer Paul Dunne has made it to the final round after showing six birdies in a bogey-free set of 66 in the third round last Sunday. Along with Dunne were Louis Oosthuizen and Jason Day.
you can see the information judi bola terpercaya on that link, The last amateur golfer reaching the top position in the Open after three rounds was in 1927. It was America’s Bobby Jones who was also the last amateur to be entitled the winner of the Open. In 2015, Dunne is at the peak of his performance and this could be said as a huge impression in the sport history.
Among five amateurs to the final phase, Irish Dunne is counted one of them with clear third round finishing and only two strokes the whole week. Last Sunday was a big day for him and all golf lovers since Dunne started with well-deserved two rounds of 69. Dunne opened the third round with a birdie and three strokes on the front nine. Coming to the end, Dunne picked up his fifth birdie.
Honestly reviewed by 22-year-old Dunne, it was a bit hard at the beginning but he succeeded the game anyway. Yes, Dunne even managed to birdie the 15th and creating outstanding closings to ensure a spot in the final group. By the time he ended the set, Dunne was noted as a player to break the amateur record by six shots through his 12 under par.
Later after Dunne, the Englishman Eddie Pepperell was nailed to grab 66 points to drive him to the final on Monday. Though both Pepperell and Dunne were leading on the scoreboard, we’ll still be cheering for Dunne’s success since he was able to take the biggest possibility to enter the final. Pepperell himself presented five birdies in his first six holes. He lost his focus a bit as he did a double bogey during his third round but it wasn’t a big deal as he even charged on 8 under and played very well ever since. Pepperrell is said to be ready to bounce back for a perfect kick off on the final day.
Back to the amateurs, we also have mesmerizing Louise Oosthuizen and Jason Day with second-best points on the scoreboard. The South African Oosthuizen was seen to earn strong form as Dunne’s through a round of 67 with seven birdies with unfortunate dropped shots in the 8th and 12th holes. Both Dunne and Oosthuizen can be happily going into the final on 12 under. On the other side, the Australian Day has been completely recovered from vertigo attack in the last US Open at Chambers Bay. We can’t be agree more with the announcement since Day pulled off five birdies and overall error-free third round in his 67.

Recruiting Falcao comes from Terry and Cahill

falcao chelseaJose Mourinho, Chelsea manager in London confesses about why he loan Falcao for this year. He said that he has been recommended by John Terry and Gary Cahill to take that decision to bring in Radamel Falcao from AS Monaco to Chelsea at least for loan. The special one, Mourinho spoke to the media about his decision to use Falcao into the Blues line up for this year competition. Chelsea has officially loan Radamel Falcao in this early month. He will be the member of the Blues member until the 2015/2016 season. This will be a great decision for Chelsea to get their trophies for the next season.

This is not a guarantee that Falcao didn’t have impressive work while he played for Manchester United last season. Mouinho doesn’t get any affection because El Tigre just only collected 4 goals in his 29 match with the red in Barclay’s Premier League. To loan Falcao, Chelsea has confirmed that they need to spend four billion Pounds for loaning Falcao. Falcao has to ungrudgingly cut his salary from 26,500 pounds per week becomes 180,000 per week in Chelsea. It seems that Falcao has proven himself about his ability in being a great player in Barclay’s Premiere League this year.

Mourinho said that he heard that Terry and Cahill were impressed by Falcao’s skill when they are in the match between Manchester United and Chelsea at the last season’s match. That is why they asked for Falcao to him to join Chelsea. Mourinho said that he has been watched the match between MU and Chelsea in multiple times. He also said that he has talked much with John and Cahill about Falcao and they thought that there are good moves in case of getting free space inside the penalty box to create a goal. Mourinho also add that his club always gets the difficult way to control Falcao and they thought that he as a potential there. Mourinho wants to see that he can increase his confidence and also his happiness.

Radamel Falcao is being officially settled in Barclay’s Premiere League next season with the final negotiation between Chelsea and AS Monaco to loan Falcao. His campain in 2014/2015 season, he spent with playing in Manchester United and also being loaned player. However, his performance seemed not too satisfying for The Red Devil so Manchester United refuse to make him a permanent player for the red devil.

Nevertheless, Falcao aka El Tigre known that he wants to keep his football career in England with The Blues which is very serious to get his service. This news about Falcao coming has been officially announced by Chelsea in order to loan Youngster Mario Pasalic to Monaco in case of being a part of the negotiation.

Falcao said that he is very happy in joining Chelsea and he has no patient enough to start the training and help The Blues keeping the League title and conquer Europe. In Chelsea, he has his reunion with ex Atletico Madrid players who are Thibaut Courtois, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Juan Cuadrado.

Jose Mourinho: Chelsea Are Still Up To Signing, but…

jose mouTo welcome the next season that we are all hoping to be more competitive and entertaining, clubs have been wandering over places and time to look for the impressive players to be invited. England football club Chelsea is included in the journey to some new players to complete the overall team performance. In order to keep and even improve the balance, Coach Jose Mourinho announces that he needs some more signings and will try his best to find the perfect formula for the club. Mourinho sure concerns about inserting someone new for certain position in the squad, but Barcelona forward Pedro is not on the list.
“Chelsea are still up to signing, but are not into Pedro,” Mourinho said.
Mourinho continued with the statement that he will pull off his biggest effort to strengthen the combo of his front and back line. Thus the need of building a powerful set of defenders to the team is crucial. If some names could really meet the high expectation of the Portugal Coach, he even believed in the squad’s game that will tackle down obstacles in any league they’ll be going through later on. The key is being balance, Mourinho then stated, it is very important for him to ensure he has the bravest offensive group and most anticipative defensive guards.
A player who is continuously being linked to Chelsea’s summer signing lately is none other than Pedro, currently a forward of Spanish football club Barcelona. Last season, Pedro found it quite rare to play with the team’s main formation in numbers of opportunities. With this lesser chance to play with Barcelona, the speculation has gone too loud about The Blues that will realize the move for Pedro.
Rumor has it Pedro is moving away from Barcelona and heading to another club, but unfortunately it’s not for Chelsea. Mourinho insists on craving for someone at the back after losing Mohamed Salah for a transfer. That has been more than enough to be the reason why Pedro is not the one that Mourinho really wants to buy for his squad. Mourinho is, so far, okay with the departure of some players from specific positions, as long as the deal to bring in new players as the answers to the emptiness at Stamford Bridge. This is regarded to the departure of Salah who’s been set to leave on loan.
Mourinho feels a good balance already with how The Blues play in the competitions at this moment. What the coach has to prove to us is the ability to stay balance with this numbers and quality of players to embrace the next season as great as they did back then. Probably will be hard but nothing is more challenging than to win more trophies with the same team and playing.
It is said that Chelsea are still fighting for Everton defender John Stones after the rejection of £20M offer. The bid will go even stronger since Mourinho is delighted to maintain the squad’s achievement last season in conceding the fewest goals of Premier League.

Finally, Patrick Roberts Says “Yes” for Manchester City

Patrick_RobertsIt is nothing less in common; anyone can predict that young talents will draw attention. You may say that the same thing occurs to Patrick Roberts. After he takes some times as part of Fulham, now on, he decides to move. In total, within his time at Fulham, this talented young man takes part in twenty two matches. Let alone, his ability to control the ball really is stunning. The truth, Manchester City is not the only football club that reveals its interest toward Patrick Roberts. A famous football club like Liverpool also shows its intention to make a-18-year old guy as a part of the squad.

However, rather than takes its opportunity to stay with Liverpool, Patrick Roberts make a serious move toward Manchester City. Speak for it, sometimes ago, this young man exhibit his talent when he beats down Manchester City 5-0. This result is quite phenomenal as a second substitute player takes his action to turn the table. Considering how talented this guy is, City’s higher ups can’t let a good opportunity disappear. Any football lovers must know that, City loses many stars players and let some to stay. The truth, Patrick Roberts is not the only man; there are some other two names to fulfill the empty position.

Nevertheless, the fee to appreciate Roberts talent is a huge number. Even though it is said previously that the fee will be about £8m, but the number seem increased. The fee rises up around £12m for this young talent. Even though, City already has him, but they need to wait about one year ahead as what it is said on the contract with Fulham. Certainly, for that short of time, Fulham’s boss expects the last best performance for this stunning young man. According to Fulham’s boss, Symon, he said that it is such a pity to let go a brilliant football player like Patrick Roberts.

However, based on his statement, although it is very important to keep good players to form solid formation in the future, but still, the club should be put on the first list. And yes, according to him again, even though he figure out that this is a saddest moment for the club, but there is no other way. Moreover, he wants to make sure as well who from those who stay committed to stay by their own force.

So, let take a look what will happen next. However, you may guess that the result as it is shown by picture where Patrick Roberts sit side by side with the director of football from City, Txiki Begiristain with paper on pen to show the agreement with the two parties. Actually, the photo is not the only thing that caters a bold statement toward the fact that Patrick Roberts is being transferred to Manchester City. It is strengthen also by the tweet of their official which is stated that they really are happy to announce that Patrick Roberts becomes a part of the team.

Reform FIFA, A Good Idea or A Nightmare?

To build and maintain the credibility of certain organization, regeneration is needed, not exception to FIFA. Put it simply the race to tackle down FIFA presidency is began. You may say that this moment is a notable moment for the new face of FIFA. However, it is not the only thing. Not to mention, the new face will take the spot, but the one who does the reformation will draw attention since the result will change the structure in the whole. To manage that issue, the meeting which is called as The Emergency Executive Committee meeting is held in Zurich.

The purpose of this meeting is to plan in the way to design and make change the structure of its ExCo members. It is Domenico Scala the one behind the curtain of this idea. Based on the previous meeting which mentioned earlier, there are many alterations which are done, as part of it the schedule of the next World Cup alongside with the host are already settled as well. However, for the next meeting that is conducted on Monday, this one will put its concern for the main and significant issue that influence so much about the existence of FIFA.

Yes, you are right, those people who sit as ExCo members. Nevertheless, what’s the matter? You must know that ExCo members are the key players of FIFA. However, this so-called ExCo member is not chosen by the president instead, the one who is responsible for this is the regional confederation since, ExCo is their spokesperson. Regarding to it, the discussion is all about putting the limit for the members for re-generations. Let it alone, this organization is very well-known for old-faces, and this is the thing which is actually should be changed.

It is not a secret that FIFA president itself, Sepp Blatter, take his time to be chosen in the fifth time as the president. Another issue is the number two personal in the structure, the vice president. If you put interest not only for the football matches, but the people who hold the policy, you must know as well that Angel Maria Villar Llona as FIFA’s vice president be a part of the ExCo member dated back on 1998 until now. And yes, there is no sigh that he will hand over his position in the near future.

Nevertheless, the heart of the reform itself is to replace the older members to the newer member in order to provide the organization not only with refreshed ideas for the future benefits, but for the transparency and credibility of the organization as well. In due to it, term of limits should be applied. Thence, it is expected that the one that is chosen as the member of ExCo is not eligible only, but that one should come from a nation which its confederation utilize the term of limit. It is said that this policy will reduce the number of the member. The proposal about the reform is not easy though as some people will reject the idea. However, let see what will happen next, put it aside, rather the change proposal, FIFA needs a new president.

Three times Champions in Five Edition, Spain U–19

This year, in 2015 Spain came out as being the champion of Europe Championship Under 19. This is being the third in five last editions that Spain won this tournament. Nothing can be doubted because this Matador country has its footballer’s seeds which have high quality of football playing. This approves about the fact that Spain is being the best nation of the world about Football case. This Europe Championship under 19 has been done in this July that the finale done in recent 20th July 2015. The final shows that Russia must kneel under Spain. Celebrated in Greece at Municipal Stadium of Katerini, Spain has its power to beat down Russia with the last score 2 – 0.

The goals are created by Borja Mayoral in time of 39th minute and Matias Nahuel in 78th minute. Lead by England referee named Anthony Taylor, Spain gets its winning without any great pressure from Russia’s players. Addition of one goal of Broja Mayoral in this final match made him being the top scorer in this tournament. Borja Mayoral is a football player who plays for Real Madrid now. However, he is still in young squad and never done his debut with senior team before. But this forward player is just waiting for a call for the senior team because of his hard works that seen in this prestigious tournament.

This achievement is being the seventh achievement of being Europe Champion under 19 in the last 14 years. This is being the greatest achievement history of this Europe young tournament. This year, Spain team under 19 is being coached by Luis de la Fuente. Of course, this champion title tells the world that Spain still has the best development in the world. No regret, Spain can reach the best achievement for world tournament.

Speaking of the journey in being this year Europe Champion under 19, Fuente and his players has met Rusia before in the group table session. At that time, Spain must get their lost from Russia with the score 3 – 1 Russia won the match. More, Russia was also being the number one team in the B group, Spain is number two. The final match seemed like the revenge action to beat Russia with no goal replied. More, not only being the champion of this tournament, Spain gets also more achievement about the individual skill achievement like top scorer (Mayoral) in three goals scored from his feet.

At the beginning, this tournament was celebrated in every year with name FIFA Junior Tournament from 1948 until 1954. Then, the name has changed in 1957 to 1980 became UEFA Junior Tournament. Since 1981, this tournament is officially changed into UEFA European Youth Championship or UEFA U-19 Championship.

Now, Spain is being the greatest national team for U-19 and followed by England for the number of champion titles. Especially in UEFA Euro U-19, Spain has collected seven titles from 14 editions included three times in last five celebrations. Started in facing Russia, Netherland and Germany, Spain can handle the champion cup.